Feel her pain

Ok so.

Liz Jones.

There I said it!

Feel that? Right inside in the pit of your stomach? The bile rising? The uncontrollable hate?

Don’t worry. It’s normal. It’ll pass. Unless you’re like me, in which case it just nestles there waiting until the name pops up again, then it grows and the voices come back and…

Sorry. Erm. Yes. Liz Jones. The open festering sore on the face of humanity. Like a Shell Oil platform sitting in an oasis of natural beauty. Ugly, spewing, polluting, but churning out a vast commodity that we all thrive on.

Even seeing her miserable makes me angry

In the case of shell it’s oil stupids! Liz Jones on the other hand, gives us unity. When people are arguing over Johnny Marbles, or the death penalty or Heather Mills whatever else there is always Liz Jones to fall back on. Like any festering sore she’s an itch that you just have to scratch. Her recent article on the NHS is a masterpiece on creating anger.

If you haven’t read it then you must (via istyosty). It speaks for itself.
It only took a few seconds for the rage to build up inside of me (fist in the air in the land of hypocrisy). By the time she gets to the bit comparing her disappointment at not being given priority treatment for a travel vaccine to people being abused in care homes I had to stop reading.This was partly cos I was in need of a new spleen and partly cos, well, she’s not an engaging writer is she?

But you see after all that I felt a bit cleansed. I looked on the twitter and teh interweb and everyone seemed just as aghast. Even the comments from DM readers thought her sense of perspective was ludicrous. A world was united in its hatred of Liz Jones. Now I’m not going to critique her article. Instead I think It better to link to some excellent and far better informed blogs on the subject from a range of people.

For example former Paramedic and Nurse Brian Kellett does a fantastic job of destroying her piece by piece. Brian is joined in a professional capacity by the jobbing doctor. Equally Disability rights campaigner Nicky Clarke responds in a more measured fashion via the Guardian. In fact the Guardian had a bit of a field day and rightly commented on how grotesque it was to even send a vacuous chunk of selfcentredness like Liz Jones to Somalia. For anyone looking for a more bog standard anti-Liz Jones rant like what I’d have done then check out sturdyblog.

Now some people think Liz Jones is a troll, prodding the left into outrage so that suddenly everyone is angrily checking out the Mail website. Hits+controversy=revenue+publicity and DMGT win on both counts. I don’t subscribe to that view. DMGT makes a lot less from its digital offerings than would justify deliberately making itself a laughing-stock. I actually think that as much of a caricature as she is, Liz Jones is REAL.

What she might look like as a troll (ripped off from somewhere)

You know when you’re waiting for the train and it’s massively delayed and overcrowded and everyone is really angry. Then it emerges its late cos someone got run over and killed by a train earlier. And for a second you’re still annoyed, then feel guilty as you realise there are bigger, more important things than trains. Like Human life!

Well imagine for a second that you never made that realisation. Someone died and all you can do is fume at them for making your fucking train late! That’s Liz Jones. The people who push pregnant women out of the way to get the first seat on the tube? They’re Liz Jones. The people who you see arguing with waiters in restaurants because their food took five minutes longer than they anticipated? The people you always hear on the phone saying “I don’t care, put me through to your manager please”? The people who want to speak to the CEO of fucking Tesco because one of their free range eggs was cracked in the box? Liz Jones, all of them. The people who only complain about homelessness because they clutter up their streets. The people who think the world owes them something but that they should have no obligation to give anything back in the form of taxes or even humility? Those are Liz Jones. I see Liz Jones every day. In my office, in the pub (pushing in front of me), on public transport, in the street. That’s why I don’t think she’s a troll.

Basically Liza Jones draws attention to everything that is wrong with the WHAT ABOUT ME? ME! ME! ME! mentality that  the middle class centre right exhibit (the same centre right who use the term “me me me” to attack the “welfare” culture of the left… idiots). Whilst I’d rather she didn’t exist, she is a unifying force for the people who hate what she represents. She has also inadvertently done more with one single column to raise awareness about Somalia than Unicef have managed in the last month – please check out the excellent @LizJonesSomalia which pitches her sentiment perfectly.



@LizJonesSomalia is running a donation campaign on justgiving. For more information visit the @DMReporter blog here:  http://dmreporter.tumblr.com/post/8468244424/liz-jones-in-somalia 

Or donate directly here: http://www.justgiving.com/dmreporter/


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