About newstantrum

I watch and read a lot of news. I can’t help it – it’s everywhere. 

I hate the news sometimes. I hate its ubiquity and the banality of half the articles I read. Equally I hate the hyberbole sanesationalism that goes into it and the fickle way it drops important events as soon as something bigger comes along.

I hate the way that in the morning on the way into work I read the metro and in the evening on the way home I flick through the standard even though I have a perfectly good book to read. I hate the way I’ll flick between Sky News and BBC24 at home to kill time when I could be doing anything else. I hate the fact that I idle away good minutes of working time browsing around the BBC news website or anywhere else that takes my fancy. I hate the way that headlines scream at me from very news stand telling me the latest celebrity gossip or fear-mongering hate-stories. I hate the fact that through osmosis I know more about Katy Perry and Russell Brand or Katie Price or anyone like them than I do about people in my own family.

This Blog is my way of excorcising that loathing. I’ll take any comments, feedback or submissions. You can email me at newstantrum “at” yahoo “dot” co “dot” UK. You can follow me on twitter too (@newstantrum)


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